Veterinary checks, animal health rules, food hygiene

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Veterinary checks, animal health rules, food hygiene

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Veterinary checks, animal health rules, food hygiene


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

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Veterinary checks, animal health rules, food hygiene

At the beginning of the 2000s, the European Union introduced an initiative called ‘From the Farm to the Fork’ based on risk analysis and traceability, with the aim of guaranteeing food safety. In line with this approach, foodstuffs are monitored at all susceptible stages of the production chain, in order to make sure that strict hygiene rules are adhered to. The EU also regulates on the trade in animals and animal products between Membe States and with third countries. The EU and its Member States have a number of instruments at their disposal to ensure that these checks are carried out properly, such as the European Food Safety Authority or the TRACES system (TRAde Control and Expert System).


Hygiene package

  • Food hygiene
  • Hygiene for food of animal origin
  • Official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption

Additional acts

  • Food and feed safety
  • Official feed and food controls
  • Animal health rules governing the production, processing, distribution and introduction of products of animal origin for human consumption


  • TRACES system
  • CIS system
  • SHIFT system
  • Mutual assistance between national administrations
  • Training of food safety control authorities


General provisions

  • Imports of products
  • Checks on the imports of live animals
  • Imports of products of animal origin
  • Intra-Community trade and imports of certain animals and their semen, ova and embryos
  • Veterinary and zootechnical checks of animals and products of animal origin for intra-Community trade
  • Animal health and public health: other products of animal origin
  • Marketing of pure-bred animals

Specific provisions – Cattle

  • Intra-Community trade of bovine animals and swine
  • Intra-Community trade in bovine pure-bred breeding animals
  • Intra-Community trade in and imports of bovine embryos
  • Intra-Community trade in and imports of bovine semen
  • Placing on the market and administration of bovine somatotrophin
  • Identification and labelling of beef and veal

Specific provisions – Pigs

  • Identification and registration of pigs
  • Intra-Community trade in and imports of porcine semen
  • Intra-Community trade in breeding pigs

Specific provisions – Ovine and caprine animals

  • Identification and registration of ovines and caprines
  • Intra-Community trade in ovine and caprine animals
  • Intra-Community trade in pure-bred breeding sheep and goats

Specific provisions – Bird species

  • Bird imports
  • Intra-Community trade in poultry and hatching eggs
  • Production and marketing of eggs and chicks

Specific provisions – Equidae

  • Intra-Community movement and importation of equidae
  • Intra-Community trade in equidae and their semen, ova and embryos
  • Competitions and intra-Community trade in equidae

Specific provisions – Meat and meat-based products

  • Prohibition on administering hormones (and other substances) to farm animals
  • Monitoring substances having a hormonal action and other substances in animals and animal products

Other specific provisions

  • Non-commercial movements of pet animals
  • Imports and transit of certain ungulate animals
  • Raw milk and dairy products
  • Untreated and Heat-treated milk
  • Animal health requirements for aquaculture animals and products thereof
  • Placing on the market of aquaculture animals and products

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