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Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Transport


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.



Transport is one of the European Union’s (EU) foremost common policies. It is governed by Title VI (Articles 90 to 100) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Since the Rome Treaty’s entry into force in 1958, this policy has been focused on removing borders between Member States and thus contributing to the free movement of individuals and of goods. Its principal aims are to complete the internal market, ensure sustainable development, extend transport networks throughout Europe, maximise use of space, enhance safety and promote international cooperation.

The Single Market signalled a veritable turning point in the common policy in the area of transport. Since the 2001 White Paper, which was revised in 2006, this policy area has been oriented towards harmoniously and simultaneously developing the different modes of transport, in particular with co-modality, which is a way of making use of each means of transport (ground, waterborne or aerial) to its best effect.

Transport Contents

  • Bodies and objectives: General objectives of transport policy, agencies and bodies
  • Road transport: Carriage of goods, Carriage of passengers, Employment and working conditions, Road safety, Technical harmonisation of motor vehicles
  • Rail transport: Objectives and bodies, Internal market, Freight, Passenger rights, Employment and working conditions, Rail safety
  • Waterborne transport: Objectives and bodies, Internal market, Employment and working conditions, Maritime security, Maritime transport and the environment, Port infrastructures, Inland waterways navigation
  • Internal market, Supply of services and licensing, Passenger rights, Air safety, The ‘Single Sky’ and air traffic management, Environmental protection, International dimension
  • Transport, energy and the environment:Environmental protection, bio fuels and the reduction of emissions, prevention of marine pollution
  • Intermodality and trans-european networks:Intermodality, trans-European networks, infrastructure and tariffs
  • Mobility and passenger rights:Sustainable mobility, passenger rights
  • Intelligent transport and navigation by satellite:Intelligent transport systems, satellite navigation, European space policy
  • International dimension and enlargement:Cooperation with third countries, Candidate countries and Community acquis, 2004 Enlargement

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