Protection of nature and biodiversity

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Protection of nature and biodiversity

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Protection of nature and biodiversity


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

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Protection of nature and biodiversity

Increased urbanisation and the spread of human infrastructures, over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution in all its forms, the introduction of exotic species into our ecosystems – these factors are all highly damaging for biodiversity. As a result, 42% of mammals, 15% of birds and 52% of freshwater fish across Europe are under threat. In addition, nearly 1000 plant species are at serious risk or on the verge of disappearing completely. In order to safeguard biodiversity and combat the extinction of animal and plant species, the European Union has set up a vast network of protected sites (the Natura 2000 network) and made the protection of biodiversity one of the key objectives of the Sixth Environment Action Programme.


  • Biodiversity strategy for 2020
  • Action Plan for biodiversity
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for the Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for Agriculture
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for Fisheries
  • Biodiversity Action Plan for Economic and Development Co-operation
  • Bern Convention
  • The Rio de Janeiro Convention on biological diversity


  • Strategy on the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy
  • Action plan for an integrated maritime policy


  • EU strategy for biofuels
  • Motor vehicles: use of biofuels

Management of marine resources

  • Conservation and exploitation of marine resources
  • Conservation of certain stocks of migratory fish
  • Conservation and management of sharks


  • Natural habitats (Natura 2000)
  • Conservation of wild birds
  • Endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES)
  • Conservation of Antarctic marine living resources
  • Conservation of migratory species – Bonn Convention
  • The keeping of wild animals in zoos
  • Protection of laboratory animals
  • Protecting cetaceans against incidental catch
  • Protection of certain seal species
  • International Dolphin Conservation Programme
  • Whaling
  • Protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems in the high seas from bottom fishing
  • Destructive fishing practices in the high seas and the protection of ecosystems
  • Alien and locally absent species
  • Combating invasive species
  • Convention on the Protection of the Alps
  • Ban on trade in cat and dog fur
  • Trade in seal products


  • FLEGT Licensing scheme
  • Fight against illegal logging
  • Combating deforestation
  • European Union forest action plan
  • The EU forestry strategy


  • Contained use of genetically modified micro-organisms (GMMs)
  • Deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Transboundary movement of genetically modified organisms
  • Novel foods and food ingredients
  • Traceability and labelling of GMOs
  • Food and Feed (GMO)

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