Internal market: general framework

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Internal market: general framework

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Internal market: general framework


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

Internal market > Internal market: general framework

Internal market: general framework

The internal market is one of the pillars of the European Union. Completed in 1992, the single market is an area without internal frontiers in which persons, goods, services and capital can move freely, in accordance with the Treaty establishing the European Community. The internal market is essential for prosperity, growth and employment in the EU, contributing to the achievement of its objectives under the Lisbon strategy. As an integrated, open and competitive area, it in fact promotes mobility, competitiveness and innovation, interacting in particular with the EU sectoral policies. To ensure that everyone, citizen or business, can make the most of the advantages of the single market, the EU concentrates on dismantling barriers still impeding its operation. It seeks to harmonise legislation in order to improve its response to the challenges of globalisation and to adapt to advances, such as the new technologies.

Internal Market strategy

  • Single Market Act: improving our work, business and exchanges with one another
  • Single market: improving its functioning
  • Driving European recovery
  • A single market for 21st century Europe
  • Interim report on the single market in the 21st century
  • Monitoring consumer outcomes in the single market
  • The Internal Market Information System (IMI)
  • Internal market Strategy – Priorities 2003-2006
  • Strategy for the internal market

Mutual recognition

  • The mutual recognition principle in the single market

Conflict resolution

  • Internal Market Problem Solving System (SOLVIT network)

Transposal into national law

  • Transposition into national law of directives relating to the internal market

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