Intelligent transport and navigation by satellite

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Intelligent transport and navigation by satellite

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Intelligent transport and navigation by satellite


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

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Intelligent transport and navigation by satellite

One of the main pillars of European transport policy is stimulating technological innovation. European Space Policy is introducing the notion of satellite navigation with the Galileo and Egnos programmes, with a view to optimising traffic management, whether road, waterborne or aerial. Better managing traffic not only engenders safety but ensures a reduction in pollution since journeys and traffic are streamlined. Satellite navigation enables emergency services to better carry out their functions (e.g. in fires, road accidents, mountain rescue, etc).


  • Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe
  • Le service eCall
  • eCall: Time for deployment
  • i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative (third eSafety communication)
  • Deployment of the rail signalling system ERTMS/ETCS
  • A joint undertaking to develop the new generation European air traffic management system (SESAR)
  • Maritime safety: Community monitoring, control and information system for maritime traffic
  • Inland waterways: River information services
  • Telematics: deployment of road telematics


  • European GNSS Agency
  • Further implementation of the European satellite navigation programmes (EGNOS and Galileo)
  • Satellite navigation: Global Navigation Satellite System
  • Satellite navigation applications
  • European GNSS Supervisory Authority responsible for European satellite radionavigation programmes
  • Satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
  • Re-profiling the European global navigation satellite system (GNSS) programmes
  • Satellite navigation: Galileo


  • A European space policy
  • European space policy

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