General development framework

General development framework

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about General development framework


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

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General development framework

The European Union’s action in the development cooperation field is based on the principles of effectiveness of aid, coordination between Member States and international players, and consistency of European policies with development objectives.

The “European Consensus on Development” defines the general framework for the action of the Union and Member States. In addition, the Union is particularly committed to honouring the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG), for which the Union has put in place various instruments that will also help reinforce the impact of its action.


Effectiveness of aid

  • Action Plan for more, better and faster aid
  • Common framework for joint multiannual programming
  • Untying aid to developing countries

Policy coherence for development

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  • Policy coherence for development
  • Mid-term report on policy coherence for development

Monitoring the financing for development

Cooperation and complementarity between the EU and the Member States

International cooperation


  • European Development Fund (EDF)
  • Financing instrument for development cooperation – DCI (2007-2013)

Thematic Programmes (2007-2013)

Other instruments

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