Financing of civil protection measures

Financing of civil protection measures

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Financing of civil protection measures


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Humanitarian aid

Financing of civil protection measures (2007-2013)

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Council Decision 2007/162/EC, Euratom of 5 March 2007 establishing a Civil Protection Financial Instrument.


The Decision establishes an instrument to finance rapid response and preparedness measures for major emergencies, whether these result from natural, industrial and technological disasters or terrorist acts. The objective is to contribute to the effectiveness of national systems for preparedness and response to risk situations for people, the environment or property either by improving the capacity of such systems or by encouraging coordination.

Eligible actions are specified in the Decision and include demonstration projects, awareness and dissemination measures, training and exercises, sending and deploying experts or releasing at short notice of adequate means and equipment. Monitoring and assessment measures taken by the Commission which are essential to the implementation of the instrument may also be financed in this way.

Among selection criteria, actions must for example allow the assessment of needs and the establishment of adequate means and equipment, ensure the availability of these, allow their transfer to requesting States, promote sharing of expertise and experience between national services, etc. Beneficiaries may be natural or legal persons, whether governed by private or public law.

Actions and measures funded by this instrument are complementary to other European Union (EU) instruments and policies, such as the European Union Solidarity Fund (EUSF).

However, to avoid duplication of effort and funding, certain areas are not eligible for funding with this instrument, e.g. the actions and measures included in the action programme “Health and consumer protection 2007-2013” or the action programme in the field of consumer policy, those implemented outside the EU through the stability instrument and those provided for by the specific programme on terrorism or relating to the maintenance of order and internal security. Moreover, funding is excluded where the proposed action or measure is already funded by another European financial instrument.

The total amount for the actions and measures financed by the instrument is set at 189.8 million for the period 1 January 2007 – 31 December 2013. Actions and measures may be financed by grants or public contracts drawn up and implemented in accordance with the EU Financial Regulation.

To ensure proper management of the financial instrument, the Commission may carry out spot checks. In order to protect the financial interests of the Community, it is also required to apply measures to protect against fraud, corruption and any other illegal activity, as well as sanctions where necessary.


The funding provided under the instrument will increase the effectiveness of rapid response and preparedness measures for major emergencies, particularly measures taken by way of the cooperation between Member States established by Decision 2007/779/EC, Euratom on a civil protection mechanism.

Until 1 January 2007, civil protection actions were financed under the Community civil protection action programme introduced by Decision 1999/847/EC. The financial instrument makes it possible to continue these.


Act Entry into force Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Decision 2007/162/EC, Euratom 1.1.2007 OJ L 71, 10.3.2007

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