Fight against organised crime

Fight against organised crime

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Fight against organised crime


These categories group together and put in context the legislative and non-legislative initiatives which deal with the same topic.

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Fight against organised crime

Organised crime is a threat to the economy and society in Europe. The European Union’s response in the fight against organised crime is adapted to the complexity of this phenomenon and is directed at both trafficking in human beings, arms and drugs and economic and financial crime, corruption and money laundering. It also covers the new dimensions of organised crime, such as cybercrime and environmental crime.
The integrated approach guiding the action of the EU extends from prevention to law enforcement. This is based essentially on effective cooperation between the authorities of the Member States, and especially the law enforcement agencies, including the exchange of information and mutual assistance in seizures and confiscations. The fight against organised crime is global, affecting many areas of the EU’s action and policies.


  • The Stockholm Programme
  • Action plan on the Stockholm Programme
  • The Hague Programme: 10 priorities for the next five years
  • European and international courts
  • European Police Office – Europol (from 1.1.2010)
  • Europol: European Police Office (until 31.12.2009)
  • Specific programme: Preventing and combating crime (2007-2013)
  • Plan d’action statistique 2011-2015 pour l’évaluation de la criminalité
  • Combating cross-border vehicle crime
  • Conclusion of the United Nations Convention against organised crime
  • Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Air and Sea
  • Organised crime: common framework for liaison officers
  • Fight against organised crime: participation in a criminal organisation
  • Mechanism for evaluating the application and implementation at national level of international acts and instruments in the fight against organised crime
  • Cooperation of individuals to combat organised crime
  • EU internal security strategy
  • A global approach to PNR data transfers
  • Fight against organised crime and terrorism: role of Eurojust and the European Judicial Network
  • Strategic concept on tackling organised crime
  • European security strategy
  • Programme of exchanges, training and cooperation for persons responsible for action to combat organised crime (Falcone)


  • European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN)
  • Crime prevention in the EU
  • Organised crime: crime prevention in the European Union
  • Organised crime: strategy for the prevention and control of organised crime
  • Comprehensive strategy for combating organised crime
  • Hippocrates


  • Action to combat illicit trade in light weapons
  • Strategy to combat illicit accumulation and trafficking of light weapons
  • Firearms


  • Money laundering: prevention through customs cooperation
  • Money laundering: prevention of the use of the financial system


  • More cooperation between Member States in recovering assets
  • Identification and confiscation of instrumentalities and proceeds from crime
  • “Crime does not pay”
  • The prevention of and fight against organised crime in the financial sector
  • Corporate and financial malpractice


  • Attacks against information systems
  • European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)
  • Combating child pornography on the Internet
  • Organised crime: contact points to combat high-tech crime
  • Protecting Europe from large scale cyber-attacks and disruptions
  • Towards a general policy on the fight against cyber crime
  • Fight against cybercrime


  • Protection of the environment through criminal law
  • Ship-source pollution and criminal penalties

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