European Energy and Transport Forum

European Energy and Transport Forum

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European Energy and Transport Forum

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Commission Decision 2001/546/EC, of 11 July 2001, setting up a consultative committee to be known as the “European Energy and Transport Forum” [Official Journal L 195 of 19.7.2001].



The Decision is based on the conclusions of the Transport Council of 20 September 2000 which called upon the Commission to set up a transport forum, and also the need to establish a replacement for the Energy Consultative Committee set up in 1996, the mandate of which expired in February 2001. Given the interdependence of energy and transport policies and the need to bring them more into line with each other, the Commission considers it useful to create a single forum for these two policies.

The Forum will examine all subjects connected with transport and energy, including social and environmental objectives, etc.

Composition of the Forum

The Forum will comprise 34 members, chosen by the Commission, representing all sectors involved in energy and transport policy, namely:

  • operators (energy producers and land, sea and air freight carriers, manufacturing industry) (nine members);
  • representatives of networks and infrastructures (gas, electricity, rail, road, ports, airports, air traffic control) (five members);
  • users and consumers (including demand management) (seven members);
  • unions (six members);
  • environmental organisations and organisations responsible for safety, particularly in the field of transport (five members);
  • representatives from the academic world or from think tanks (two members).

The Forum will have a two-year renewable mandate. There will be no remuneration for the duties performed.

The Forum will elect one President and four Vice-Presidents for a term of office of two years. These must represent operators, users or consumers, trade unions and the environment or safety.

Selection of members

Members will be selected following a call for applications published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, except for members representing trade unions, where the Commission will call upon the European Trade Union Confederation to appoint six members to represent the fields of energy and transport.


The Forum may set up ad hoc working parties and, if necessary, invite experts to participate in its work. Meetings will be organised by the Forum after consulting the Commission, and will take place in Brussels.

The Forum’s opinions and reports will be submitted to the Commission, and may be published provided that they do not contain confidential information.


Act Entry into force – Date of expiry Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Decision 2001/546/EC 19.7.2001 OJ L 195 of 19.7.2001

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