Customs Cooperation

Table of Contents:

Customs Cooperation


The contribution of taxation and customs policies to the Lisbon StrategyArchives
Strategy for the evolution of the Customs Union
Strategy for the Customs Union
Customs 2013 (2008-2013)
Action programme: Customs 2007 (2003-2007)Archives
The role of customs in the integrated management of external borders
Enhancing police and customs cooperation in the European Union
Customs response to latest trends in counterfeiting and piracy
European anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy plan
Money laundering: prevention through customs cooperation

Cooperation between customs administrations

Convention on the use of information technology for customs purposes (CIS)
CIS system
A simple and paperless environment for customs and trade
A paperless environment for Customs and Trade
Convention on mutual assistance and cooperation between customs administrations (Naples II)

Community statistics

External trade: statistics relating to non-member countries

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