Croatia – Competition

Croatia – Competition

Outline of the Community (European Union) legislation about Croatia – Competition


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Croatia – Competition

acquis) and, more specifically, the priorities identified jointly by the Commission and the candidate countries in the analytical assessment (or ‘screening’) of the EU’s political and legislative acquis. Each year, the Commission reviews the progress made by candidates and evaluates the efforts required before their accession. This monitoring is the subject of annual reports presented to the Council and the European Parliament.

Document or Iniciative

Commission Report [COM(2010) 660 final – SEC(2010) 1326 – Not published in the Official Journal].


The Commission indicates in its 2010 Report that significant progress has been achieved, particularly to benefit of shipyards. The country must now reform its legislation on cartels and improve the rules of competition in the broadcasting sector and steel and iron industry.

EUROPEAN UNION ACQUIS (according to the Commission’s words)

The competition legislation covers both anti-trust and State aid control policies. It includes rules and procedures to fight anti-competitive behaviour by companies (restrictive agreements between undertakings and abuse of dominant position), and to prevent governments from granting state aid which distorts competition in the Internal Market. Generally, the competition rules are directly applicable in the whole Union, and Member States must fully cooperate with the Commission on the enforcement of theses rules.

EVALUATION (according to the Commission’s words)

Significant progress has been achieved in competition policy, in particular towards finalisation of the tendering procedure for restructuring the shipyards. Overall, a good level of alignment has been achieved.

However, further efforts are still required to adopt restructuring plans in line with the State aid acquis for the shipyards in difficulty, to improve the Croatian Competition Agency’s enforcement record against cartels and to improve its administrative capacity further, in particular in the area of antitrust. Alignment of the Croatian Broadcasting Act needs to be completed.

The National Restructuring Plans for the steel industry also need updating.

Related Acts

Commission Report [COM(2009) 533 final – SEC(2009) 1333 final – Not published in the Official Journal].

Commission Report [COM(2008) 674 final – SEC(2008) 2694 – Not published in the Official Journal].

The report of November 2008 noted some essential progress as regards State aid in the steel sector. Significant efforts were still required both as regards aid for the restructuring of shipyards, anti-trust and mergers.

Commission Report [COM(2007) 663 final – SEC(2007) 1431 – Not published in the Official Journal].
The report of November 2007 noted progress in the area of State aid, but that progress in the area of anti-trust, and particularly merger control, remained limited.

Commission Report [COM(2006) 649 final – SEC(2006) 1385 – Not published in the Official Journal].
The report of November 2006 notes Croatia’s progress both as regards anti-trust and State aid, but highlights the work that still remains to be done.

Commission Report [COM(2005) 561 final – SEC(2005) 1424 – Not published in the Official Journal].
The report of November 2005 noted some progress in the area of competition. However, Croatia should step up its efforts as regards legislative alignment, implementation of legislation and its administrative capacities.

Commission Opinion [COM(2004) 257 final – Not published in the Official Journal].
In its opinion of April 2004, the European Commission considered that it was essential for Croatia to make considerable and sustained efforts to align its competition legislation with the body of EU legislation and to implement this legislation effectively.

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