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Strict common safety standards applied to the products and services circulating within the internal market are vital to safeguarding consumer health.
The European Union has laid down general safety rules applicable to services, foodstuffs and non-food products, to be observed by producers and suppliers of these products and services. These rules relate to monitoring and warning instruments designed to analyse and prevent risks, and to remedy dangerous situations. Specific provisions have also been drawn up for certain products whose composition, manufacture or use may pose a risk to consumers.



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  • Consumers: general framework and priorities: Services of general interest, Actions and strategic programmes
  • Consumer information: Information systems, Misleading advertisements and commercial practices
  • Consumer safety: Consumer health, Product safety, Safety of services, Quality of goods and services
  • Protection of consumers’ economic and legal interests: Consumer representation, Legal redress and the settlement of disputes, eCommerce, Contracts, Transport, Financial services
  • Product labelling and packaging: Labelling of foodstuffs, Food packaging and contents, Non-food product labelling

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